What to Expect

During the course of your 5 1/2-day hunt, we promise you a variety of hunting experiences. Most of our sites are tree stand locations overlooking travel corridors although we have been known to set up a ground blind or hide in a creek bottom in places where tree stand hunting is not possible. We set our tree stands anywhere from 10 to 30 feet depending on the site. Some times it’s just not possible to hunt high and others it is necessary to be at least 30 feet off the ground. It all depends on how comfortable you are with heights.

The hunt itself plays out something like the following. We get you into your stand about ½ hour before sun-up so that you are set and the area has a little time to calm down. Wind direction and weather conditions are always considered before placing a hunter. Once in the stand, you can elect to hunt all day or come out for lunch about 11:00. We recommend sitting a good stand all day if you can. It is no secret that many trophy book bucks are shot between 10am and 2pm.

If you like your location, you can keep hunting it. We recommend hunting a hot stand site for at least a day or two before abandoning it. When you are ready to move, we’ll take you to another site and try again. Just remember, the more you walk around from stand to stand, the more educated the deer you want to kill will become.

Once your buck is hit, our guides will track and locate the animal for you. We will take care gutting the deer and getting it out of the woods. We’ll help you get it to the butcher shop or local taxidermist, depending on your plans.

This is your hunt so we want you to be comfortable with your daily routine. We will make suggestions on ways to be more successful, but the hunt is yours. You paid the money, took time off work, and away from your family so we want you to enjoy yourself first and foremost. Some guys come out and hunt from dark to dark everyday. Others spend only a few hours a day afield. The hunt will be what you make it.

Rattling and grunting work very well during the pre-rut and rut when we hunt. The bucks are out seeking, tending, and fighting for the attention of the does. We’ve seen many shooter bucks roaming by themselves who get turned by a good grunt or bleat.

If you want your guide to try rattling or decoying a buck in, he’ll help you do that. Sometimes we set up on the edge of heavy bedding cover and, with the right wind, will use these techniques to coax a buck out of hiding. Remember, our job is to put you on the best buck of your life and we intend on doing everything possible to accomplish that.

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Greg Guerrieri
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