Frequently Asked Questions

How many acres do you operate:
MWTO leases and operates around 5,000 acres exclusively in Fulton County, Illinois. All of our land is located centrally from our lodges and all within 10 minutes of each other. The majority of out leases and farms run down the same back country road, or adjacent properties and roads. With the exception of a few neighbors, most of whom also practice quality deer management, we control a major block or area of turf.

How much hunting pressure does your land get each year:
The answer is very little...MWTO only operates a very limited amount of time with a very limited amount of hunters. We only run 3 archery hunts a year, all of which are during some phase of the rut. 2008 was the first year we offered gun hunting on our property.

What does the price of the hunt include:
Fully guided hunts, meals, and lodging are included. The hunter's only responsibility is simply to purchase a hunting license and permit. The hunter to guide ratio is 3:1. The guides have all the preparations and farms ready long before the hunt starts. You don't have to worry about scouting, hanging stands, or even worse, dealing with the product of a disturbed and tainted property from the weeks of other clients walking, scouting, and hunting before you get there. That does not happen on our land. The guides are there and more than willing and excited to strategically help each and every client kill a trophy.

What are the lodging conditions like:
MWTO operates out of 2 separate lodges all located within approximately 10 minutes of our centrally located farms. One of our houses is located in town and will bunk between 7-10 hunters. It is a comfortable old style farmhouse, plenty warm, comfortable and clean with enough room and showers for all your deer hunting needs. It is also within walking distance of convenient stores.

Our second lodge is a little smaller, but yet a little more spacious and private because we will only lodge between 4 - 5 hunters in it. This lodge must be specially requested and has other terms for bookings.

The lodges are stocked with food such as cereals, granola, or oatmeal and such for breakfast. Lunch meat for sandwiches, water, juices, drinks and snacks are available for lunch. All of our dinners are privately catered at the local restaurant in town. They are buffet style and good hearty home cooked meals. We do no cooking in camp, to ensure a scent free environment and less mess and clutter.

If you are looking for the Taj-Ma hal with bathrobes and a mint on your pillow, MWTO cannot afford that. We put all of our money into having excess and better land, more guides, more tree stands and less pressure.

How many stands or locations do you have:
Rest assured, you will not be in a tree with the bark rubbed off of it or following a footpath worn 6 inches deep leading to it from constant hunters using it. Many clients often come out the last week of our hunts and frequently hunt from stands and even entire segments of some farms that have not yet been hunted. The guides also end up pulling stands that never even got hunted every year. We are approaching 200 tree stands that we own and we rarely book over 50 some bow hunters for the entire season, let alone for each week. Keep in mind though some tree stands will be used more than once. The bottom line is we hunt where we feel we have the best chance for success. Ask about the imagination stand.

Do the guides or owners hunt themselves:
All of the MWTO team are experienced and passionate bow hunters. It is what we love to do most. We do not hide it from any clients that we do get a chance to hunt while we are out during the rut...but, there are very strict stipulations on the crew that are followed. None of the guides can hunt on any of the farms where clients are hunting and none of our guides ever hunt when there are clients to be taken care of. The property that the guides and owner hunts does not meet the terms of which we promise you on the properties you book to hunt. The farmer has some family members that hunt the farm before we arrice in November and they gun hunt it themselves after we leave.

What else should I know about your outfit:
All of the pictures on our web site and on our brochure or promotional material are all of our clients'. There are no pictures of the guides, owner, neighbors, strangers or anything copied and pasted off of a scouting camera web site.

All the references on our list are also all clients. No one on the call sheet is affiliated, worked for, or a family member of MWTO and a portion of them have not harvested and animal with us.

MWTO are serious bow hunters. No one in the organization does this to make a living. We are fortunate enough to work a job that allows the time to operate one of the most successful outfitters in Illinois. We are out here for one things and one thing only and that is our addiction of big whitetails in the rut. We are not farmers just looking to capitalize on their non-tillable land and we are not a commercial outfit with financial backers, omega advertising budgets, or real estate futures and plots to manipulate into hunting grounds for sale.

Everyone here at MWTO eats, sleeps, and breathes monster whitetails 24/7. We love sharing our obsession with fellow hunters. Our passion is putting whitetail enthusiasts on bucks of a lifetime..

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